Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Management)

Pay Per Click marketing can be a very cost-effective internet marketing strategy. Our internet marketing company offers PPC management campaigns and understands what it takes to effectively manage your company’s PPC campaign. eSchoolprofiles marketing staff is trained and experienced in various internet marketing techniques and has many years of experience managing both Google Adwords and Yahoo PPC management accounts.

Our PPC management service (pay per click) is a unique PPC management package, based on the exact level of your advertising needs. Our focus is driving relevant traffic to your website and generating sales or leads and “getting the most bang for your buck.” Depending on your individual PPC management goals, we will work to improve your PPC campaign by lowering PPC costs, improving click-through rates and increasing the return on your PPC management investment.

Why PPC Management?

PPC management and marketing allows you to quickly market your product or service to your potential customer base. PPC sponsored websites appear in highly visible locations of the search result sections of Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other powerful search engines.

Our PPC Management Services Include:

  • An analysis of your current website
  • Developing a personalized keyword campaign specific to your business
  • PPC Bid Management
  • PPC Budget Management
  • Creative writing of detailed and concise website descriptions
  • Regular assessments to ensure your PPC campaign’s success
  • And More

Whether you require the management of the entire PPC campaign or simply need us to handle the setup such as building a keyword list and creating ad copy, we offer customized PPC management solutions to match your needs.