Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an increasingly popular method for attracting relevant visitors to your company’s website. By using select keyword phrases and geographic locations in the content of your website, our experienced internet marketing content writers can create an effective strategy that will help your site be found by the biggest internet search engines. More and more Internet users turn to Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to direct them to the goods and service they want. Without Search Engine Optimization, your website is less likely to be found by these potential clients and customers.

eSchoolprofiles offers SEO services geared towards reaching a targeted audience. SEO is clear, well written and organized content. It provides a focus for your website and makes it easy to index in search engines. While SEO is not complicated and does not require any proprietary software, it does require marketing knowledge and dedication. Our SEO services are dedicated to your results. Let us help you get the search engine results you are looking for.

Search Terms for SEO

When creating an efficient search engine friendly website, take into consideration the following questions:

  • Which SEO terms would you like to use to find your page?
  • If you use only one term, what would it be?

If you’re not sure, we have SEO service experts that can help you find the best search terms for your website. We can write or re-write an existing page to focus on the most important SEO terms that people use to find the services that you offer. It is important to use search terms that are searched frequently and that match your content.

SEO: Page Submission

Once you have a page that has been optimized you need to publish it. Our SEO service will submit your page to key search engines and will monitor the results. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the most important search engines and should be the starting place for publishing your page. After your page is published, it is important that the content of your page be current. It helps if part of the page has dynamic, pulling content.

Our SEO Services Provide Results

Even with the best search engine optimization, fixed placement in the results cannot be assured. The results are ever-changing and must be reviewed periodically. We do work to obtain consistently high results. The fact is that any of your content may be indexed. Remember that